Circuit Workout Classes

Circuit Workout Classes in Omaha, NE

Work out smarter, not harder. Circuit Workout Classes at West O Fitness allow our Premium Members to sculpt muscles while getting in a great cardio workout. In our circuit workout classes, you’ll move quickly from one exercise to another to target multiple muscle groups while keeping your heart rate up. Circuit workouts are great for people who are bored with typical workouts and can’t keep their mind focused on one activity for lengthy periods of time. You’ll also see better results in less time with this multi-tasking exercise format that blasts fat while toning muscle.

Build up your strength and burn calories all in one energetic class. With our variety of class times and our convenient West Omaha location, you’ll find a circuit workout classes that keeps your working smarter, not harder. Check out our West Omaha location’s class schedule to find out which circuit workout class time works for you.