Zumba Classes

Zumba© Classes in Omaha, NE

Premium Members can dance to Latin-American-inspired moves while getting in your daily dose of cardio in our Zumba© Classes. Similar to the dance cardio classes, Zumba© dance workouts get you moving to music so you can burn calories while having fun. Zumba© fitness is fast-paced and energetic which not only provide a great cardiovascular workout but will also improve your agility, balance, and dancing skills. If needed, our experienced instructors can modify the movements to any fitness level so the class will be challenging for everyone.

Our variety of class times and our convenient West Omaha location make it easy to find Zumba© classes near you. Check out the group fitness schedule for our West Omaha location to find out which of our Zumba© classes works for you. Come dance the calories away while enjoying Latin American music and moves!